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Add some cool special FX to your kitchen.

Revolutionary FlexiCold Technology

Randell’s internationally patented FX Series with FlexiCold Technology revolutionizes point-of-use refrigeration in the United States. Whether operating as a refrigerator or freezer, this new technology provides individual units with 100% cooling within each insulated insert. Temperatures remain consistent and energy is conserved no matter how many times the unit is opened and closed. Since cold remains in the insulated insert, food remains refrigerated and safe from dangerous bacteria and cross contamination.

Randell’s FX Series provides the user with more control when it comes to refrigeration. Unlike traditional refrigeration, FlexiCold Technology ensures precise temperature control, and consistent temperatures and holding cycles—factors that positively impact food quality, food safety and energy efficiency.

The FX Series with FlexiCold Technology is flexible enough to be installed in the most convenient part of the kitchen due to its low power consumption—single 115v (15amp).

The Technology

Two key elements of the refrigeration design is the lid and the insulated insert. The lid seals against the flange of the insulated insert allowing 100% of conditioned air to surround product in the insert. The conditioned air stays in the insert and with the food.

The heavy duty ABS insulated insert provides full access to the product and 100% utilization of the 3 cubic feet of storage. Cool air flows from the diffuser to all surfaces of the drawer resulting in precise temperature control using minimum space. Traditional units block air flow when loaded, causing warm spots or frozen evaporator coils.

Since the air flow is contained inside the insulated insert, the drawer slides and inside shell are in ambient air so there is no frost build-up even at -5ºF. And there is no food spillage on tracks to clean or interfere with compartment sliding.

Diagram demonstrating FX Series airflow
  • Evaporator is behind the diffuser plate
  • Horizontal seal surrounds lid (magnet-to-magnet)
  • Return air fans are in the center of the lid
  • Air diffuser supplies air evenly to insert (blue arrows)
  • Cold air shield around food (blue arrows)
  • Warm return air to evaporator (black arrows)

Energy Efficiency

The FX Series holds cold air in the insulated insert, keeping the cold air with the food even when left open for extended periods. The evaporator coil and fans turn off when the unit is open, saving energy. In traditional units, cold air falls out every time the unit is opened, wasting energy.

Diagram demonstrating FX Series energy efficiency

Food Safety

The FX Series has individual insulated inserts with controlled temperatures to eliminate cross-contamination and flavor transfer. A traditional unit shares common space thereby promoting cross-contamination and flavor transfer.

Diagram showing the FX Series individual insulated inserts


100% storage capacity in the
insulated insert.

Insulated tub

28” deep × 22” wide, heavy duty ABS insulated insert.

Diffuser slots

Diffuser slots on insert surround food to shield from potential heat invasion.


Inter-unit connectivity (up to 3 units) allows for single 115v (15amp) plug.


Fully front-breathing slide out refrigeration system allows for built-in designs. Easy to read and adjust temperature control is at your fingertips.